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Leaders FAQ’s

How many people will be on each walk?
A maximum 13 walkers including a leader will be on each walk

Will each walk have a back marker?
All walks will have a back marker nominated by the leader. We are asking the participants on their registration form if they would be prepared to volunteer if chosen.

How experienced will the participants be?
All the Leaders/participants will have access to the full list of walks on the website. All the walks have been graded based on the ‘Naismith’s Rule’ hiking formula, to give an indication of the estimated timeframe and difficulty of each walk. It is each participant’s responsibility to judge their suitability for a particular walk. All leaders and participants take part at their own risk.

Do I need to have an up-to-date first aid qualification to lead a walk?
Yes! We require each Leader to have completed a basic First Aid course within the last 3 years and also bring along a basic first aid kit.

Will we be given a check-list before the start of the walk?
Yes, thewelsh1000walk will provide each Leader with a check list that must be completed before the walk is undertaken.

Do I need to bring food and water?
Yes. Thewelsh1000walk will not be providing any food or water for the walk Leaders or participants so please bring enough for the duration of your walk.

I don’t live anywhere near where the walk finishes so how do I get back home at the end of the walk?
Walk leaders and participants will be responsible for arranging their own transportation from the start point and finish point of the walk, to wherever you are living / staying. TheWelsh1000walk is unable to arrange any transport.

What time will the walks begin on 16th April 2016?
We aim to issue instructions in February 2016

On the day of the walking event, can I refuse to allow participants to start the walk with my group?
Yes, if your judgement is that any of the participants are ill-equipped for the walk you are leading, you have the right to refuse to allow them to take part in the walking group. This is made clear in our Terms & Conditions.

Will we be required to time how long the walk takes?
Yes, we would be very grateful if you did! We can use this information for the potential event in 2017.

When will I find out if I am leading the walk I have requested to lead?
The closing date for registration is 13th December 2015. We aim to inform you before 31st December 2015.

I can no longer lead a walk
We are sorry to hear you are no longer able to lead a walk. Please inform us immediately by emailing leaders@thewelsh1000walk.com We will have to find a replacement, so if you do know someone that is qualified (see terms and conditions) who can replace you, please ask them to contact us on the above email address.